Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Drug Problem in Our Society

When you hear the word, “drugs”, what comes first into your mind? I guess you’ll think that it is an illegal or forbidden drugs that create destructive issues and destroy relationship among your friends, family or special someone. There’s a huge percentage of drug abusers who first started out of curiosity and since its addictive, they got hooked to it. Because illegal drugs are very controversial, people's curiosity intensifies.

Experiences shared by former drug addicts, both good and bad, are the main motivations for people to stop using drugs. On the other hand, some people use drugs to avoid problems cause by unexpected tragic events like sudden loss of a love one. They have no idea what are the negative effects of drugs and drug problem is not easy to solve.

According to study, the side effects of drugs on our body reduce sensitivity to pain, damage to vital organs; including liver, heart and pancreas. Side effects may be rare or common, serious or simply annoying. Doctors are required to assess the risk of side effects versus the expected benefit of any medication. Statistically, most doctors do a good job, so if you feel you have a doctor you can trust, there is no need to doubt his or her abilities to figure out on which medication applies best for you.