Friday, May 29, 2009

Health of a Lifetime

We all know that being healthy is a very important factor of living. Without good health, a person may not live his/her life properly. This only means that having a healthy body is really important especially if you are into sports. It’s because being fit and healthy will allow you to compete with other athletes. So here are some tips on how to maintain an active body and a healthy lifestyle.
  1. Don’t Smoke - Smoking is capable of harming your health which in turn damages the lungs, brain, and other internal organs of the body. Smoking is addictive as well because of nicotine which is found in tobacco.
  2. Drink More Water- Did you know that the human body is composed of 60-70 % water? The water in the body helps every system work properly. Water also replaces the lost fluid in the body. Without water, your body would become dehydrated and would weaken in the long run. Your body’s ability to do activities would slow down also. So drink more water because a person can’t survive more than three days without it.
  3. Eat a Variety of Foods- A person must eat a wide variety of healthy foods that includes fruits, vegetables, meat, and fish. Eat foods that are rich in high-fiber because it helps in getting rid of toxins in your body. Try to absorb as many nutrients and minerals as you can in order to be competitive.
  4. Relax for 20 minutes a day - Rest is important for the body to cope up with everyday stress. Try to relax by lying somewhere comfortable, breathing slowly through your nostrils, and deeply from your abdomen. Take time to rest because your body also reflects what you are as a person and keeping it healthy is important.
  5. Floss every Day - Having a fabulous teeth is also part of being healthy. Keep your teeth clean by flossing every after meal. Flossing can prevent gum disease which would lead to inflammatory reactions, which can trigger heart failure and stroke if left untreated.
  6. Get Active - Try exercising once in a while. Your body needs some action and the best way to get it is by working out. It doesn’t really need to be a very tough workout but you can do a 20-30 minute walking or aerobic activities.
These are just some tips on how to maintain healthy and fit. You need to keep in mind that your body has certain limitations. Why is why if you maintain a healthy body, you would become successful in the future because of the long life that you would certainly have.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Media Causes Bulimia Eating Disorders

Bulimia eating disorder is a common psychological sickness particularly to ladies. Eating too much in a short period of time increases too much weight. Some individuals who suffer bulimia nervosa eating disorder put at risk to their physical condition by following a meticulous food intake, forcing to vomit, working out even with unwell condition, and taking in laxatives.

The roots of bulimia are still not totally proven up to now, however, the consequences of having eating disorder certainly affect the wellbeing, the relationship among relatives or loved ones, the way of life and the character of a person. According to the observations of some bulimia treatment centers, a person who suffers bulimia have unhealthy dislocated teeth that are sensitive to either cold or hot foods. It is presumed that an individual who possesses such kind of issues have tendencies to struggle bulimia eating disorders.

The description and images broadcast through television, radio, newspapers and magazines can build up bulimia as well. Most women always wanted to achieve a goddess body even if it causes eating disorder. The occurrence of media silently injects people’s mind that a sexy image should have thin body structures, like on fashion models.

Bulimia usually happens at homes where being slim is known such a big deal or eating habits are pressured. Family members with low confidence and anxiety can result bulimia eating disorder too. Anyone who struggles bulimia have unnecessary worries concerning their heaviness and body shape. Even if they are already skinny and in poor health, their persistence on reducing more weight continues.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Alternative Detox Diet: Healthy Food

Using drugs is one the major reasons for a drug detox diet. As a result, the demand for drug treatment prescription medicine is increasing. Many people believed that prescription medicine is the best way of detoxification; however some people prefer natural ways of detoxifying toxins in their body.

There are unconventional ways to detoxify the body of harmful chemicals and drugs in the body. One is through strict diet on eating healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, juices and drinks. Healthy foods combined with plenty of water, work outs and nutritional supplements hasten cleansing drug toxins. It also lessens the effects of the drug withdrawal.

In this type of drug addiction treatment program, meat, fish, alcohol, and stimulants like coffee are not suggested. Natural detox diets make a person easily recover from drug harmful effects.

The other way of natural treatment is by using herbal medication to help get rid of toxins. These remedies are gentle, safe, and at the same time effective ways to detoxify the body. Detox diets includes mixes of ingredients which are known to be liver supplement (milk thistle, barberry, dandelion), digestive aides (ginger, globe artichoke, peppermint) and laxatives (fennel, Psyillum) and diuretics (birch, dandelion).

These are the some of the alternative ways of detoxifying drugs in the body. With proper knowledge and experience in detoxifying drug toxins in the body, one can follow these alternative diets. However people who lack expertise on this self-medication practice should consult or confine oneself to a drug treatment center for optimum results.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Drug Addiction

Drug Addiction
Today, there are a lot of people who are using drugs. Teenagers, college students, professors, and even law officers are using illegal drugs. They use drugs for the sake of forgetting their own problems and because of peer pressure. In fact, drugs were the main cause of my best friend’s untimely death. If he had only gone through family intervention, or listened to his parent’s advice, it would have never happened to him. But it’s too late for that now because today my best friend died in a gang war.

If a family member of yours is having drug related problems, an early intervention would really help him recover. Furthermore, the best way to save your family member from drug addiction is to help him realize the sad truth about the bad effects of drugs. You can even assist in the treatment process by advising him to stop using prohibited substances, so that he would be able to avoid drug-related problems in the future. He also needs a drug treatment specialist that can help him overcome his drug addiction. Moreover, treatments offered in California rehab centers can help him live a normal life through detoxification, counseling, and one-on-one therapy sessions, which gives him the recovery he deserves. It is the best place for him to go to, if he wants to get back the good life he once had. He must also realize that life is precious and must be cherished. Plus, with the constant guidance of his parents, he would eventually be treated and recover from his unfortunate ordeal.