Monday, August 3, 2009

Pap Smear Results

Going to the gynecologist in order to have a pap smear check up, is one of the few things that a woman should do after becoming sexually active. This procedure is important because it can help to determine problems in the cervix ahead of time.

The procedure of doing a pap smear involves the doctor by using a soft brush to get a sample from inside the cervix. The sample would then be sent to a laboratory for further examination. The results of the examination would be known in less than a month and it will show proof of a disease or not.

While other patients are able to get a normal result, others are informed that they have gynecological problems which could include an abnormal pap smear, HPV (Human Papilloma Virus), yeast infections, and genital warts.

Detecting early problems in the cervix area can also help to avoid cancer causing cells thus, it can save many lives. A repeat pap smear is only needed in order to determine if the abnormalities in the cells would return or persist. Normally, a period of six months up to a year is the recommended time for a return visit to the gynecologist.

It is very important to know these things because of the immense assistance that the pap smear procedure can do to a women’s health and wellness. It helps determine cervical cancer, abnormal heavy menstrual bleeding, STD, and many more. The test can also provide awareness to women that signs of abnormal pap smear should be taken seriously. Immediate medical help is needed in order to get the right treatment for the condition.


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