Monday, August 31, 2009

Define Depression

What is a depression?

Depression is a mental or a psychological disorder that can occur in person in all gender, ages, and backgrounds. Depression can interfere with normal functioning like, the loss of interest, feelings of guilt, it can cause sleepless night, loss of appetite and it reflects sad or irritable mood beyond normal sadness or grief, and frequently can cause problem within the family, friends as well as in work (it will produce low productivity and absenteeism). Serious depression can affect the life of his family as well as the life of the depressed person or to anyone.

Causes of Depression

They say depression is caused by chemical imbalance of the brain, and it’s called neurotransmitter (it caries signals in your brain and nerves). Fortunately, these chemical imbalances will disappear when you will undergo proper treatment or medication.

Here are some common factors that involve depression:

1. History of the Family

Depression can be inherited from the family or it runs in the family. Genetics plays an important part in depression this seems to be the case with bipolar depression or severe major depression.

2. Pessimistic Personality

This kind of personality is common to this day. A personality or trait is present to some people, this trait that the negative outlook of life and has a low self-esteem. This kind of trait is caused by low level depression. And it has a higher risk to be depressed.

3. Trauma and stress.

Trauma and stress can cause depression because of problems they encountered such us; financial, family (when someone close to you dies or an incidence that you bump into like, you have a broken family, or you experience abuse by your father), breaking up, become stress because of life’s changes and others.

If not handled well or treated depression can lead to suicide. So, if you feel depressed hang out with your friends, watch movies, go on shopping or just talk to someone close to you.


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