Saturday, July 25, 2009

Facts about Anorexia

Anorexia is an eating disorder that can be harmful if not treated immediately. People with this disorder, are having trouble eating and constantly restricts food intake. And because the body lacks in nutrients and calories, it would eventually shut down.

There are many factors which develops an eating disorder. Some believe that the media has influences in the mind of the people because of emphasizing beauty as being slim and thin. While other factors suggest that the genes and history of early childhood abuse may have contributed to the disorder. Physical problems are noticeable on people with this disorder, and here are some of the complications that occur in the long run.
People with anorexia are showing signs and symptoms such as excessive weight loss, consuming tiny amounts of food, obsessed on physical appearance, and very self-conscious.

It is very crucial to seek medical treatment for those who are suffering from this disorder. A full recovery would need long-term treatment such as counseling, providing nutritional needs, and hospitalization.

Counseling is needed in order to address the problems that lie within the mind of the patient, which could have triggered the onset of the disorder. Maintenance of weight, a healthy diet plan, and setting the importance of eating food would be the main concern of the nutritionists and dietitian. The condition of the patient would be explained thoroughly in order to fully understand the complications of the situation. The hospitalization would provide attention to any heart disease and health problems that the patient experiences. These interventions are important to the patient as part of the anorexia treatment which helps in dealing with the disorder.


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