Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Male Hot Flashes

Male Hot Flashes
Hot flash occurs commonly among women who experience menopause. There are about millions of women suffering hot flashes every year and researchers do not know exactly the basis of having hot flashes. But, did you know hot flashes occur also among men? Men can experience hot flashes as well if the levels of sex hormone testosterone drop unexpectedly and radically. There are also millions of men that ages forty to fifty-two who suffer male hot flashes and have a medical condition of male menopause or andropause.

A hot flash affects the face, neck and upper body which can cause you to have feeling of coldness, too much sweat and uneasiness. Hot flashes really disturb you while asleep at night due to excessive sweating and this may affect the relationship with your love ones because of mood alteration. If you’re experiencing any symptoms regarding hot flashes, here are several tips on how to prevent male hot flashes:
  • Exercise regularly to keep your body normal.
  • Instead of drinking alcoholic beverages in order you to get to sleep, try to drink a cold water, milk or fruit juice.
  • Maintain the cool temperature in your sleeping area.
  • Freshen up by taking a shower before going to sleep.
  • Always monitor when the hot flash attacks.
  • If symptoms happen frequently and cause you restless, visit your doctor and share everything you have gone through with your hot flashes condition.
Do not panic if you are suffering male hot flashes for it just a natural occurrence which can be remedied with medications and alternative treatment programs like bioidentical testosterone replacement therapy. The said therapy treatment is not only for hot flashes, it can also relieve other symptoms of andropause.


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