Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Substance Abuse Intervention

Intervention on substance abuse is considered as an act of reminding or informing others that their condition needs to be controlled. They are in the state where they are put at risk everything that is dear to them. A state that seriously needs to be addressed in order to avoid serious consequences like deterioration of good physical condition, gap from family and friends, joblessness, imprisonment or death.

There are several types of intervention for individuals with substance abuse. The basic and most typical type of intervention is with the family. It is them that usually start to tell an addicted individual that his/her behavior towards drugs has become very uncontrollable and it creates disturbance towards the family, marriage, friendship, work and everything important. For others who are not yet that deep in their addiction, a reminder from a family member is all it takes to catch the addicted person’s attention and turn around the situation.

Individuals that suffer substance abuse are unaware of how they are acting. They consider their behavior when under the influence to be normal. That is why it is hard to tell them that they are wrong because they deny the fact that they are sick. They rationalize that there is nothing unethical with what they do which ends up in argument and will create problem towards everything around them.

For those with substance abuse, intervention is like “tough love”. We care so much for them that even though they refuse to get help, we still give it to them.


James said...

A traditional drug intervention is helpful but researchers are looking at new ways for effective relapse prevention and sober support.

alcohol detox said...

Thanks for the post, medical detox is a powerful tool for recovery, but it should be handled with the best medical care.

alcohol drug treatment said...

The twenty-four hour counseling and therapies in these centers help the addict create a new world free of substance abuse.

alcohol rehabilitation said...

Those experiencing substance abuse may choose a drug rehabilitation facility, a drug treatment center, or a drug abuse center.

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