Thursday, July 16, 2009

Menstrual Problems among Women

Women are experiencing menstrual disorders due to many factors such as pregnancy and amenorrhea, and many more. In reality, the normal menstrual period for women is 2-3 days. Others however, have undergone abnormal menstrual period which causes problems to health.

Diseases and conditions would also affect the period for menstruation. Growth of cancer cells in the uterus or ovaries have resulted to disruption of the normal flow of menstruation. These disorders have caused women to miss their work, skip school, and gets disturb in their sleep due to the problem. Their daily routines are also interrupted. The capacity to conceive and give birth would also be affected.

While some of these menstrual disorders may be prevented, it would be advisable for the women to take the necessary precautions in reducing the risks involved. And these would include maintaining a healthy lifestyle by eating a well-balanced diet. This diet would consist of vegetables, fruits, and red meat.

The possible solution to treating these disorders would only come from a thorough medical check-up from hospital facilities. Screening, laboratory tests, and imaging would determine the causes of the disorder. Checking the physical condition of the patient and medical history would also add to the treatment. The physician would then give the possible treatment after determining the causes.

The menstrual disorders can be given a solution. Early intervention is crucial to the treatment. Women are encouraged to engage in daily exercises in order to promote good health. By doing this, there is a higher chance of avoiding some of the diseases resulting from the condition.


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