Friday, July 31, 2009

Gaining Muscle Mass Workouts

As an aspiring bodybuilder, you need to consume large quantities of protein in a safe way. It’s because protein helps the body grow, function well, and develops the muscles further. Foods like egg, fish, and chicken are a good source of protein which you can eat during your training.

Vegetables can also be rich in protein. It is filled with fiber which aids in digestion as well. It balances the energy level and sugar in your body during bodybuilding routines. It provides you the needed energy and increases muscle mass as a result. A strong and fit body is guaranteed when you eat vegetables aside from poultry and meat. Besides, vegetables are much safer since it can be easily digested in your body.

Vegetables are affordable and inexpensive. If you are tight on the budget and looking for other means of getting the desired benefits, buying vegetables for a varied diet are important for a strong body. It’s a high-quality food that can provide you the right nutrients, minerals, and vitamins which your body needs.

It would also be a good thing to find a gym and a fitness trainer which can teach you the basics of bodybuilding. Lifting weights on your own and without the full knowledge and experience on the routines would possibly result to accidents. There is a need to acquire the services of a trainer, which can assist in every move you make inside the gym.

The correct posture during workout and the right protein diet are an essential part of bodybuilding which can gain muscle mass. Also, acquiring the services of a dietician or nutritionist which can add professional advice regarding on the best diet combination to follow, is beneficial for a successful training.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Substance Abuse Intervention

Intervention on substance abuse is considered as an act of reminding or informing others that their condition needs to be controlled. They are in the state where they are put at risk everything that is dear to them. A state that seriously needs to be addressed in order to avoid serious consequences like deterioration of good physical condition, gap from family and friends, joblessness, imprisonment or death.

There are several types of intervention for individuals with substance abuse. The basic and most typical type of intervention is with the family. It is them that usually start to tell an addicted individual that his/her behavior towards drugs has become very uncontrollable and it creates disturbance towards the family, marriage, friendship, work and everything important. For others who are not yet that deep in their addiction, a reminder from a family member is all it takes to catch the addicted person’s attention and turn around the situation.

Individuals that suffer substance abuse are unaware of how they are acting. They consider their behavior when under the influence to be normal. That is why it is hard to tell them that they are wrong because they deny the fact that they are sick. They rationalize that there is nothing unethical with what they do which ends up in argument and will create problem towards everything around them.

For those with substance abuse, intervention is like “tough love”. We care so much for them that even though they refuse to get help, we still give it to them.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Exercise Tips on Losing Weight

There are a lot of factors that contributes to the health of teens today. They live in a terribly polluted world. The atmosphere and water supply is now filled with toxic substances. And unless everything they eat are totally organic, chances are they’ll get sick. Not to mention fast food centers provide them with easy access to health-related problems. While online video games are making majority of teens forget about exercise and would just spend countless hours wasting their time on it.

Thanks to their parent’s advice on giving importance on exercise, teens have a higher chance of maintaining good health. Performing physical activities daily would significantly boost their metabolic rate. Exercise is more important than just sitting in the chair and playing computer games. It is highly advisable for them to do physical exercise in the mornings and afternoons.

Exercise can significantly burn calories and fats which are harmful to their health. Burning those calories and fats can help promote a well active body. This benefits them a lot because a strong body also enhances the immune system. Thus, enabling their body to fight various diseases and prevents them from getting sick.

When their body burns fat, toxins are released and are quickly carried out through sweat. Furthermore, exercise helps regulate the amount of insulin released into the bloodstream. Insulin is commonly referred to as a fat making hormone. Insulin helps control other health problems such as sleep apnea, moodiness, stress, decrease in energy, cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol, and many more. The main goal of exercise is to keep the heart healthy for a longer period of time, and for the purpose of strengthening other internal organs as well. Teens can do sports like basketball and volleyball which can strengthen muscles, bones, and helps release toxins.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Effective Cardio Exercises for Fat Bellies

fat belly
Balanced diet and regular cardio exercises are effective in losing fat bellies. Plus, you need a full body training routine and exercises that can help in achieving a slim belly. Sit-ups and crunches are not enough because an overall weight loss program would be needed in order to put away those fats.

An appealing stomach is the result of getting the right set exercises and diet. The calories that are stored in your belly would be burned by exercising. The aim of burning those excess fats would be your main goal.

These are the best cardio exercises that would guarantee of eliminating those stubborn belly fats.
  • Step Aerobics – It is a hard workout that is able to burn undesirable calories in your body as it targets the muscles in the hips and legs. This exercise may look complex, but with assistance from gym trainers and constant practice, you would master this within a few weeks.
  • Cycling – A decent bike is all you need to burn 200-400 calories in less than an hour. However, the total calories that you would burn would depend on the distance, speed, and resistance of the terrain you are going to undergo. You would surely reap the rewards from cycling because it is an exercise which can be done indoors and outdoors.
  • Running – This exercise would successfully eliminate those fats. Concentrate on this exercise for you to burn a huge amount of calories. Also, try to keep in mind that you need to check for any discomfort in your feet, ankles, legs, and knees in order to avoid injuries during running activities.
Unwanted fats in your belly would greatly reduce with the help of these three exercises. A flat stomach is not so difficult to achieve if only you would practice a religious fitness program. And in a few months time, a flat stomach and lean body would be yours.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Signs of Anorexia

Some teenage girls are experiencing anorexia, in which they are facing it alone. Losing weight is a big issue for these girls, in which they starve themselves. This is dangerous to their health because without the proper vitamins and nutrients to support their body, they would be prone to getting illnesses.

There are signs in which a teenage girl would be identified with anorexia eating disorder. Here are some of those signs.
  • Weight conscious – You can determine if a girl has anorexic problems if she is constantly weighing herself.
  • Appetite Loss – Takes little interest in food or starving herself. Others may even throw away their food secretly.
  • Abnormal Menstrual Cycle – Ask the girl or check the trash bins in order to determine if she is menstruating regularly or not.
  • Hair Loss – Due to lack of nutrients, the girl would eventually experience thinning of hair, or worse lose it.
  • Weight Loss – The most obvious sign that could immediately determine anorexic problems.
  • Exercising Too Much – If the girl is exerting too much effort on losing weight by means of exercise, then there probably is a problem.
In dealing with anorexia, patients must be brought to a rehabilitation center that gives treatment services like counseling and individual therapy. Regular counseling can give advices to these girls on how they would fight anorexia. This eating disorder should be taken seriously because things could get out of hand if it is neglected. Also, open communication between parent and child is needed in order to prevent the problem early on. It is very important to make the girls feel that there is someone who would listen to their problem. They need not suffer in silence because recovery is possible.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Facts about Anorexia

Anorexia is an eating disorder that can be harmful if not treated immediately. People with this disorder, are having trouble eating and constantly restricts food intake. And because the body lacks in nutrients and calories, it would eventually shut down.

There are many factors which develops an eating disorder. Some believe that the media has influences in the mind of the people because of emphasizing beauty as being slim and thin. While other factors suggest that the genes and history of early childhood abuse may have contributed to the disorder. Physical problems are noticeable on people with this disorder, and here are some of the complications that occur in the long run.
People with anorexia are showing signs and symptoms such as excessive weight loss, consuming tiny amounts of food, obsessed on physical appearance, and very self-conscious.

It is very crucial to seek medical treatment for those who are suffering from this disorder. A full recovery would need long-term treatment such as counseling, providing nutritional needs, and hospitalization.

Counseling is needed in order to address the problems that lie within the mind of the patient, which could have triggered the onset of the disorder. Maintenance of weight, a healthy diet plan, and setting the importance of eating food would be the main concern of the nutritionists and dietitian. The condition of the patient would be explained thoroughly in order to fully understand the complications of the situation. The hospitalization would provide attention to any heart disease and health problems that the patient experiences. These interventions are important to the patient as part of the anorexia treatment which helps in dealing with the disorder.

Friday, July 24, 2009

What is Bulimia?

Bulimia is an eating disorder that occurs in patients who are experiencing many problems in life. It usually starts in the adolescent stage. Patients who are suffering from this condition are very hard to distinguish because most of them have the average weight, unlike anorexia which can be easily noticed. And the sad thing about this is that the patients are denying the truth that they have this condition.

Patients with this disorder tend to eat a lot of food and then suffer pain in their stomach because of overextension. After suffering the pain in their stomach, they would vomit or take laxatives in order to get the food out. The binge eating would only be stopped if only another person intervenes with the victim’s out of control eating spree. Furthermore, repeated actions of binge eating and purging can cause harmful effects to the digestive system in the long run.

Bulimia has two types which can be determined with its own characteristics.

a. Non-Purging Type Bulimia

This type of bulimia causes the patients to perform strenuous exercise routines in order to eliminate the massive amount of calories that they have eaten. It has the lowest percentage of cases among patients worldwide.

b. Purging Type Bulimia

Patients with this type would do anything just to remove the food which was consumed right after eating. They would take diuretics and laxatives for faster results of removing the food out of their stomach.

Behavioral therapy, counseling, antidepressants, and group therapy sessions are the effective treatments for bulimia. The problem is more on the psychological aspect of the patients. Doctors and therapists focuses on the root cause of the problem and behavior. The patient’s condition must be constantly monitored, which is why encouraging them to keep in touch with their doctors and therapists would help them in the process of bulimia recovery.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Maintain Healthy Lifestyle

Pleasant care of your health and well being makes you feel good about yourself in many ways. Youth and community centers are great local resources for all sorts of activities. It can keep you physically and mentally active and healthy, like inviting all of the youth to join community exercises and play games everyday. This is one way of maintaining yourself with good health and avoiding high blood pressure.

Keeping healthy in body, mind, and spirit is a personal decision and can be less stressful than you think. Feeling good about yourself and your decisions in life can make you smile and happy. This is one way of slowing down the aging process and benefits you by looking young. Push yourself to exercise daily. Always maintain your body in being fit. Tell yourself that you are indeed sexy in order to encourage yourself to be responsible, and to avoid eating foods which are not good to your body.

Eating a healthy diet with lots of fruits, vegetables, and less fat will increase your energy levels and immune system. Make small changes such as cutting out burgers and have some raw carrots instead. Try to cut down on soft drinks and coffee also. Try herbal tea or even hot water. Providing balance in your diet involves an intentional inclusion of different foods in proportion to each other, based on the value that each food has to your total goal. Meaning, you need to balance all the foods you eat everyday.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Best Anti Aging Secrets

gym exercise
Many products claim that they have the secret to stop aging. But in truth, exercising through workout at gyms is the best anti-aging method to stay young and this is a no secret.

This world that we live in during these days has been a great source of hardship and stress. It has tortured our wellbeing physically, mentally and emotionally. Squeezing every last inch of energy that we have until we break down and not even eating healthy foods and multi-vitamins is working. What we need to do is to get up, find a gym and start working out.

Exercise is the most natural way of getting in shape and developing a strong and young body that could fight against sickness and aging. With technologies taking its cornerstone in this era, more and more people are depending on gadgets that reduce fat and tone body parts. Though it might be effective, yet there is still nothing better than sweating it out the natural way by jogging around the block or pumping iron in the gym.

Needless to say, we should never forget to make it a habit to exercise or workout once or twice a week to maintain our healthy lifestyle. People might not see the significance of this but it is very important especially these days where life is so hectic. After a day jogging around or working out in the gym, you will feel rejuvenated.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Outpatient Drug Rehab

There is another kind of treatment method that gives you a chance to have a life outside the rehab center’s walls. This kind of method is possible for those you aren’t in the serious state of addiction or for those who have been in intense care inside rehab facilities and finish the program. Though it may sound great since you will be outside, the temptation level will be higher since there are many influences.

The good thing about outpatient drug rehab is that you can stay at home. This idea will help you are worsen your case. So the doctor will run some initial test on you whether you have the focus to stay away from temptation while on rehab.

So take advantage. Being inside treatment facilities is great since you will have all the attention you need to get through the program. But it’s tough to be in unfamiliar territory. Be eager to go to sessions and participate well in all of them.

Being enrolled in an outpatient drug rehab has its advantage. You get to stay at home, have a job or go to school, the payment is low and you still get the treatment you deserve. In other words you get to keep your life rolling in public. So take initiative and be sober. Don’t take this opportunity lightly and waste it. Don’t wait until everything is so messed up until you realize your mistake.

Menstrual Problems among Women

Women are experiencing menstrual disorders due to many factors such as pregnancy and amenorrhea, and many more. In reality, the normal menstrual period for women is 2-3 days. Others however, have undergone abnormal menstrual period which causes problems to health.

Diseases and conditions would also affect the period for menstruation. Growth of cancer cells in the uterus or ovaries have resulted to disruption of the normal flow of menstruation. These disorders have caused women to miss their work, skip school, and gets disturb in their sleep due to the problem. Their daily routines are also interrupted. The capacity to conceive and give birth would also be affected.

While some of these menstrual disorders may be prevented, it would be advisable for the women to take the necessary precautions in reducing the risks involved. And these would include maintaining a healthy lifestyle by eating a well-balanced diet. This diet would consist of vegetables, fruits, and red meat.

The possible solution to treating these disorders would only come from a thorough medical check-up from hospital facilities. Screening, laboratory tests, and imaging would determine the causes of the disorder. Checking the physical condition of the patient and medical history would also add to the treatment. The physician would then give the possible treatment after determining the causes.

The menstrual disorders can be given a solution. Early intervention is crucial to the treatment. Women are encouraged to engage in daily exercises in order to promote good health. By doing this, there is a higher chance of avoiding some of the diseases resulting from the condition.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Water Aerobics Workouts

Keeping fit and staying in shape can be accomplished through water aerobics. It’s an aquatic type of exercise that is recommended to elderly people. It’s very helpful to them, since they have fragile joints and bones which are prone to impact on land types of exercise. Making it an ideal exercise for the elderly people ages 60 and above.

Water aerobics utilizes swimming pools and equipments for the basic exercises of the elderly. The activities take place in the shallow ends of the water which ensures their safety. Professional fitness trainers would give out stretching routines first so that the muscles would be warmed up. In this manner, the muscles would be able to burn calories more efficiently.

The most intense portion of the workout is the middle part wherein most of the calories are burned. Kicking of the legs, walking, and running in the water are going to be instructed by the trainers. But it doesn’t mean that the elderly would be required to swim because the idea here is to simply move their body in the shallow water. Although the said routines may sound simple, yet it is very efficient in sweating out toxins from the body.

Floatation devices, free weights, and the ones attached to the body of the elderly would be used in the activity. In about 30 minutes or more, as much as 500 calories would be eliminated from the body because of this strenuous but low impact exercise. Water aerobics deploys fitness workouts which would guarantee burning of fats, calories, and toxins. It is also a good way for the elderly of meeting and interacting with other people.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Male Hot Flashes

Male Hot Flashes
Hot flash occurs commonly among women who experience menopause. There are about millions of women suffering hot flashes every year and researchers do not know exactly the basis of having hot flashes. But, did you know hot flashes occur also among men? Men can experience hot flashes as well if the levels of sex hormone testosterone drop unexpectedly and radically. There are also millions of men that ages forty to fifty-two who suffer male hot flashes and have a medical condition of male menopause or andropause.

A hot flash affects the face, neck and upper body which can cause you to have feeling of coldness, too much sweat and uneasiness. Hot flashes really disturb you while asleep at night due to excessive sweating and this may affect the relationship with your love ones because of mood alteration. If you’re experiencing any symptoms regarding hot flashes, here are several tips on how to prevent male hot flashes:
  • Exercise regularly to keep your body normal.
  • Instead of drinking alcoholic beverages in order you to get to sleep, try to drink a cold water, milk or fruit juice.
  • Maintain the cool temperature in your sleeping area.
  • Freshen up by taking a shower before going to sleep.
  • Always monitor when the hot flash attacks.
  • If symptoms happen frequently and cause you restless, visit your doctor and share everything you have gone through with your hot flashes condition.
Do not panic if you are suffering male hot flashes for it just a natural occurrence which can be remedied with medications and alternative treatment programs like bioidentical testosterone replacement therapy. The said therapy treatment is not only for hot flashes, it can also relieve other symptoms of andropause.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Teen Rehabilitation Center

drinking alcohol
In this world, life is full of temptations and pleasures. Drugs and alcohol are the main substances that make most ambiguous people relieved from all types of stresses including failures, heartaches and humiliation. The majority of this problematic people are teenagers who become addicted to alcohol and drugs because of the fact that they are left behind or simply just they want to feel great about themselves and struggling to keep up the pace. Alcohol proves manhood according to alcohol drinkers and drugs makes you feel high and mighty at all times.

If you are into drugs, of course, you’ll get addicted. Drugs contain opioids or hallucinogens that affect the central nervous system. As a result, the person suffers lost of consciousness, personality and behavior.

The disorder of addiction involves the progression of acute drug use to the development of drug-seeking mentality or behavior, the vulnerability to regression, and the decreased ability to respond to natural activity. And same with alcohol where negative social consequences tend to react with the unconditional behavior after a continued consumption of alcoholic beverages despite the health problems that it causes.

Continued consumption of alcohol is called alcoholism, a disease which results in a persistent use of alcohol despite of its negative after effects. Causing them to feel unconscious and failed to recognize others.

One way to stop drug addiction and alcoholism is being treated into the right drug or alcohol rehabilitation. A method in rehabilitation called detoxification process copes up with the withdrawal symptoms from regular use of drugs and continued consumption of alcohol. Apparently, normal functioning of the drug user will be observed, despite being under the influence of the drug. With detoxification process, it helps transform struggling users into loving and helped them became productive individuals again for the good of their families and in the community.

California rehab helped thousands of people especially teens with drug problem through therapy and addiction treatment, helping these individuals undergo drug treatment and drug rehab program.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Health Risks of Bisphenol A

Bisphenol A - Plastics
Researchers from the University of Cincinnati led by Scott Belcher, PhD, have recently conducted a study about the effects of BPA (bisphenol A) to the human heart, especially to that of a woman. The team has experimented female rats and mice, exposing their hearts to BPA. The study made the researchers conclude that plastics containing BPA are most harmful to women’s health.

BPA or bishpenol A is a chemical used in making hard plastics and containers. Food product containers are usually made of this. This chemical has already been linked to have caused diabetes, breast cancer, and prostate cancer to some people. It has also been considered as a pollutant which is active with estrogen. According to Belcher, long-term exposure to this chemical might be harmful to a person’s cardiovascular system. BPA’s are most active when there’s estrogen and estrogen is found within our bodies. This is the reason why BPA can easily enter into our bodies because of estrogen occurrence. There are so-called estrogen receptors that when BPA is exposed to it, the effects of BPA are amplified causing more damage to our health especially to our cardiac muscles or heart muscles. The researchers specify that the effects are more harmful to a female heart than to a male heart, based from their experiments using female rats and mice.

The researchers put more focus on the activities in the heart muscle when exposed to BPA and estrogen. According to them, only the female heart is being attacked more by BPA’s. It rapidly stimulates the contraction of heart muscle of a female heart, causing more leaks of calcium or calcium ions found inside the heart muscle cells of females. The researchers are being sex-specific as they are also concern of the pollutant’s harmful effects to women’s health.

This recent research in medicine has paved a new way of preventing heart defects especially to women. Plastics containing BPA must be avoided because not only it is harmful to our environment but also to our own individual health.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Benefits of Getting Enough Sleep

Good and Enough Sleep
Sleep rejuvenates the mind, body, and spirit of a person because of the overall wellness it provides to you. You can get a lot of essential benefits from eight hours of sleep. By sleeping eight hours a day, your body tissues are repaired at a cellular level, which in turn helps reduce stress, infections, and removes toxins. Furthermore, a good night’s sleep is going to give you good mood the next morning, and clearing your mind of negative thoughts.

Achieving a good night’s sleep can give you the following benefits:
  • High levels of stress can be lowered with a good night’s sleep. Diabetes, hypertension, stroke, cancer, heart diseases, and other chronic illnesses as well can be avoided or prevented. Also, with lower stress levels, your body is able to regenerate cells in the organs and fight the aging process.
  • You can regulate your body weight through proper sleep. Hormones that stimulate or affect your appetite are kept in a healthy range, which results to lower body mass index than those who lack sleep. This helps prevent obesity and malnutrition.
  • A good sleep improves your memory and the cognitive functions of your brain. Your problem solving skills, organization skills, and creativity are going to perform well because of a good night’s sleep. While lack of sleep would only produce poor memory functions that would lead to forgetfulness even on simple things.
These are just some of the advantages you can get as long as good sleep is achieved. You would surely benefit mentally and physically from a good night’s sleep. Furthermore, it is also very important for you to rest and get eight hours of sleep because of its positive effects to your attitude towards other people. With good sleep comes calm and easy-going attitude that is simple to get along with. Sleep appropriately in order to achieve these advantages and benefits which would make your life longer, healthier, and stress free.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pre Menopause

Menopause is a health condition which normally appears in women ages 50 and above. However, nowadays early menopausal signs and symptoms are evident in women as young as 15 years old. It may sound absurd but the facts are true. There are many factors however, which might have caused premature and early menopause to set at a young age for girls.

The genes play a major role in the onset of early menopause. Scientific studies show that women who only have few eggs from their ovaries when they were born, have higher chances of getting early menopausal. While others who are suffering from autoimmune disorders and abnormalities in their chromosomes, also have risks of getting menopausal.

Surgical operations that affect the reproductive system of women would most likely lead to early or premature menopausal also. Now because of this, the estrogen levels are dropping due to operations that cut off the functions of the ovaries. Thus, this would result for the women to enter early menopausal stages. Chemotherapy for cancer that can kill healthy ovarian cells has also been found to be one of the leading causes of premature menopause.

Premature menopausal are showing symptoms just like a normal menopause would do. Forgetfulness, insomnia, muscle pains, headaches, depression, and changes in body shape are some of the signs for a normal menopause. As for premature menopausal, which shows signs and symptoms consisting of mood swings, fatigue, and extreme downfall of estrogen.

Women who are experiencing early menopausal can get a therapy for hormone replacement from expert doctors. And it would also be best for the family members and friends to give emotional support during these tough times for their loved ones. This can help alleviate the depression that their loved ones are going through.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Abnormal Pap Smear

abnormal pap smear
When you visit a gynecologist for pap smear medical test and your result is abnormal, being bothered or alarmed is absolutely common reaction among women. However, most cases of abnormal pap smear results do not show symptoms of having a cancer and it is essential to follow-up and undergo further diagnostic actions with your gynecologist. It usually requires frequent screening test from three to six months or Colposcopy.

Gynecologists advises all women that age 18 and older to have a regular pap smear screening test about 3 years after first having sex. This test detects a pre-cancerous cells or abnormal changes in the ovaries, uterus or fallopian tubes. But, there is no guarantee of no cancer even if a pap smear result is normal. Pap smear screening test can be safely performed during pregnancy.

Pap smear test doesn’t hurt but it might be uncomfortable for first time women. Gynecologists will just gently touch and pick up some cells from the cervix area. The collected cells will be sent to the laboratory to examine if there are any abnormal cells which might give warning signs and infection of cervical or breast cancer.

Being a proactive in women’s health can prevent cervical cancer. Women can really reduce risk of developing cervical health problems with this simple tips:
  • If you are unsure with your health or never had undergo a pap smear test before, you better consult your doctor.
  • Always listen to your doctor and don’t leave the office until you have fully understood this issue.
  • Practice safe sex to prevent from getting sexually transmitted infections that might make your cervix unhealthy.
  • If you are experiencing early cervical cancer symptoms (like pain or vaginal bleeding during sexual intercourse, vaginal discharge, abnormal vaginal bleeding), make a regular timely report to your doctor.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Anorexia: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Anorexia is a serious disorder that affects not only the physical structure of the body, but the mind as well. This eating disorder is common among teenagers, celebrities and fashion models who are seemingly obsessed about losing weight, the skin-and bone structure being the acceptable and usual body types of people who are in this career.

Eating disorder treatment centers in Los Angeles affirms that anorexia typically starts in the teenage years when girls become more conscious about their bodily shape and their weight. Other factors that may cause anorexia are the family, and the friends. Certain affiliations such as sports like ballet and gymnastics where one has to keep and maintain a specific body size may also cause anorexia. This can also happen due to unexpected stressful events such as divorce and death of a loved one.

There are various anorexia symptoms to watch out for, some of which are observable among patients with anorexia nervosa. These people generally do not see this problem within them and continue to believe that they are rather obese and have much more weight to shed off despite being underweight. Anorexic patients are obsessed with thoughts of dieting and would do everything to get more weights off their body, by exercising even when they are already ill. Some people with anorexia also use laxatives to induce vomiting and to avoid weight gain.

Persons suffering anorexia exhibit signs of starvation like feeling tired, weak, and faint; feeling cold all the time. They also have slow heartbeat and low blood pressure; brittle nails and thinning hair. It can also be observed that these persons have pale skin color on arms and legs because of poor blood flow.

Anorexia treatment is advised as early as possible. Concerned individuals are encouraged to seek professional help from anorexia treatment centers where anorexia patients can best recover from the disorder.